Building an eye-catching brand to recruit to a unique role

Tasked with creating an 8 week digital attraction campaign to attract and educate Mental Health Nurses and Social Workers across Essex and Kent about the new Crisis Clinician roles available


Enquiries to date


People engaged with the campaign

The Challenge

To attract Mental Health Nurses and Social Workers to consider becoming a Crisis Clinician.

This unique position would see candidates working within children’s Mental Health, allowing them to provide vital treatment and support to children and young people within their community.

As the role was relatively new, Just R focused on taking the time to educate and inform potential candidates about the role, and the forward thinking nature of it. The role could be filled by anyone with relevant CAMHS or Pediatric experience, meaning that a variety of different backgrounds were eligible to apply for the role.

Our Solution

A targeted digital attraction campaign

The design team at Just R created a beautiful campaign identity in order to attract the right people into the role. This included a campaign identity, bespoke online landing page (through which candidates could directly enquire to find out more about the role), and photography and video sessions to bring the brand to life and create an eye-catching campaign.

The campaign ran across both Facebook and Instagram, with a wide availability of key messages in order to attract from a wide variety of candidates with different backgrounds – as anyone with relevant CAMHS or pediatric experience could fill the role.

The campaign emphasised educating potential candidates on what the role would involve, and how rewarding it would be.


“Doing a job like this is something you can really take pride in”


Creating an educational candidate experience

With education about the role at the forefront of the campaign, good communication between both teams was vital. Much of the success of the campaign can be attributed to how well both teams worked together, ensuring potential candidates were able to understand the role, while continually building awareness of the Trust.

In order to save the Trust time, each candidate was contacted within 48 hours of their initial enquiry to assess their suitability for the role. The best candidates were invited to speak directly with a member of the Crisis Team for an informative conversation about what would be involved, helping to make the recruitment process more efficient, alongside promoting the Trust and presenting it in the best possible light.

Keeping candidates interested and informed

Just R’s Candidate Consultants kept regular contact with the candidates in order to help build a positive relationship between them and the Trust. This was vital for seizing the chance to speak to candidates about what brilliant selling points the Trust has to offer.

A major positive result from the campaign was that a number of candidates that the Just R team spoke to talked about the Trust in a very positive light – showing the power of positive brand awareness!

Overall, by working closely with the team we were able to ensure every candidate passed to the Trust was of high-quality, which enable the Trust the time to give valuable advice and answers to any questions the candidates may have.

With over 6,000 engagements this demonstrates the power of marketing, brand and communications in helping to build awareness. This strategy led to us being delighted with the quality of the applicants, which included a Social Worker with 15 years CAMHS experience, and another with 9 years relevant safeguarding experience.