Creating a multifaceted identity to recruit a wide net of applicants

A returning client to Just R, Chesterfield Royal Hospital needed to recruit registered Staff Nurses and Nursing Associates into their Trust, due to the aftermath of the pandemic

The Challenge

To refresh an existing brand identity in order to attract values-aligned candidates to work at the Trust.

After noticing the need for urgent recruitment, Chesterfield Royal Hospital turned to previous partner Just R to create a digital attraction campaign to attract passive candidates (also targeting their friends and family), encouraging them to fill out an enquiry form and find out more about the Trust.

The campaign focused on celebrating the values of the Trust, including these in the related social posts, in order to ensure that a diverse talent pool of incredible people with similar values would be encouraged to enquire.

Our Solution

A multifaceted brand identity refresh

As Just R have worked with the Trust previously, this campaign saw a brand refresh which combined both photography and illustration, resulting in a friendly, bright and welcoming brand. This tone of voice was continued into the copy, too, with phrases such as #wewishyouworkedhere.

This approach led to a very versatile identity, with smiling, welcoming faces inviting passive candidates to fill out an enquiry form. Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s CARE value was used, showcasing how the Trust values compassion, ambition, respect and encouragement (CARE).

Taking a wide net approach

The Trust was very open to finding roles for the applicants that came through – after all, if you know someone is aligned with the values of your Trust, why wouldn’t you want to find a role for them!? This approach meant that the recruitment net could be cast wider in order to attract more people to join the Trust in a variety of different roles. The result? A Trust filled with people with the same values, driven to give excellent quality care.


Total enquiries


Sent an application link


Offered roles within the Trust

Creating a candidate journey built with the future in mind! Just R’s Candidate Consultant team worked with the Trust in order to contact applicants 48 hours after they submitted an enquiry form, and after an initial conversation, some were invited to fill out an application form and then to attend an interview.

Out of 48 total enquiries, 10 were determined to be outside the scope of the campaign but were absolutely fabulous candidates, so were passed to the Trust in order to be contacted regarding any future opportunities. This means that the campaign not only helps to solve an existing recruitment need, but also one which may arise in the future.