Based in Bracknell, Lighthouse Labs worked with Just R in order to create an urgent 4 month campaign to recruit Band 2 medical lab assistants and Band 4 associate practitioners to join the team following an increase in testing post-lockdown. The roles required people who could work specific shift patterns, were reliable, and hardworking.

Working collaboratively to create a smooth and seamless candidate journey was key to ensuring individuals progressed through the recruitment process as quickly as possible with our expert Just R Candidate Consultant team on hand throughout, from initial enquiry to appointment!

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The Challenge

To urgently recruit into roles to help combat and detect the Covid-19 virus

During a time of extreme urgency, Just R needed to come up with a solution to help combat staff shortages. Due to the nature of the timescale, we had to work quickly in order to get the right people into roles – the two teams truly coming together in a time of crisis.

A digital attraction campaign initially enticed people to enquire about the roles, however Just R’s work didn’t end there.

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Our Solution

A brand identity with the right tone of voice

Our brilliant creative team worked on building an engaging brand identity fit for purpose, turning to illustrated virus cells to suit the quick turnaround. These, combined with photography, also aided in the creation of an online landing page which potential candidates completed.

Recruiting those who could play their part in the pandemic

The role would see Band 2 medical lab assistants working in Specimen Reception, with samples received being scanned and recorded. The Band 4 associate practitioner role would involve analysing the samples. Using highly detailed targeting, the campaign reached over 234,000 through social media, drip feeding the audience messages about the roles and opportunities available as part of the team. 

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Being involved in the whole process

The Just R team were given the ability to run the entire enquiry process, meaning the campaign could be launched and people appointed into the roles as quickly as possible. Having this control meant that we were able to contact the candidates straight after they submitted their initial enquiry form, pre-screen them and determine their suitability for the roles (explaining the shift patterns, role requirements and answering any questions) in the same phone call. We also had the honour of being able to offer those who were successful the jobs right there on the phone!

This meant that the whole process was completely sped up, saving the organisation’s valuable time.



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The Results:


Total enquiries


People offered roles


People reached


Engagements with campaign content

Overall, the campaign was a great success with an impressive 15 direct appointments made for the roles available.

As part of the campaign, ensuring a smooth candidate journey was key and working collaboratively meant that the Just R candidate consultant team acted as the point of contact – helping to speed up the process for both candidates and the organisation.

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