Kick starting a new working relationship with an adaptable brand identity

University Hospital Southampton worked alongside Just R in order to recruit into hard to fill vacancies in their Ophthalmology department, while also beginning a working relationship with us in order to collaborate on future projects together!


Total enquiries


Offered roles, one of which was a registered Optometrist


Engagements with the campaign content


People reached in just 8 weeks

The Challenge

To attract active and passive candidates to work within the Ophthalmology department at University Hospitals Southampton.

The Trust was experiencing staff shortages within their Ophthalmology department and turned to Just R to create a digital attraction campaign which would engage candidates and encourage them to apply and join the team.

Focusing on attracting passive candidates to explore a career as a HCSW or Imaging Assistant within the growing Ophthalmology department, the campaign needed to highlight the key unique selling points of joining the fast-paced, ultra-modern department.

Our Solution

A clever campaign using digital tactics

Just R’s creative team worked on creating a flexible brand identity that could be applied to future campaigns (which were already in the works!). This involved developing a tagline that played on the campaign focus – very “eye” catching! This catchy tagline was applied to social assets which went out on social media, combined with friendly photography and video interviews with staff.

Targeted advertising

A focus was placed on showcasing the key selling points and values of University Hospital Southampton, ensuring those who were attracted to apply aligned well with the Trust values. Using insights gathered from the team, the campaign messages focused on the fast-paced nature, opportunities to learn and develop, and the state of the art technology used within the department – helping to showcase an attractive working environment for potential candidates.

Just R’s Digital Delivery team used highly detailed targeting to reach those individuals relevant to the roles, and put the key messages right in front of them – over the course of just eight weeks the campaign reach an impressive 140,000 people.

Establishing a collaborative candidate journey

Each candidate was directed to a short online enquiry form where they were encourage to fill out initial details. The Just R Candidate Consultant team called each individual within 48 hours of their first enquiry, encouraging them to attend an online drop-in session if they wanted further information, or to complete an online application form. Taking the opportunity to further sell the Organisation to the individuals, the Candidate Consultant team also talked prospective candidates through the unique selling points of both the Trust and the department – helping to create buzz and excitement.

Working closely with the Trust’s recruitment team, we aimed to create a feedback loop that would enable both sides to know where each enquiry was up to and progress suitable candidates quickly. By working together we were able to iterate the process to ensure any tweaks needed to be made to ensure success could be implemented across the campaign quickly.


Overall the campaign was a success, with 5 candidates offered positions. Impressively, the campaign reached over 140,000 people in just eight weeks, helping to generate not only awareness of the opportunities available within the Ophthalmology department but also helping to spread the word about UHS as an Organisation!