NHS Tameside

Case Study

Meeting the challenge to recruit 40 Nurses at one open day event

We developed a brand FOR “Team Tameside”!

The Just R team have been working with Tameside and Glossop NHS Foundation Trust for the last 12 months, during that time we have implemented a strategy of content rich, targeted social media advertising campaigns reaching out to Band 5 nurses with a variety of specialisms. The staff at Team Tameside have fully embraced the brand and really got behind the campaigns to increase their numbers. The engagement is phenomenal, moral is boosted and the recruitment advertising campaigns are consistently exceptional.

Some of our brand imagery….

The most recent Team Tameside campaign has generated over 100 email applications in less than 3 weeks from qualified and newly qualifying student nurses.

On average over 50 people attend each open day and 30 – 40 are offered positions.

The most successful recruitment day to date saw 47 nurses offered positions in one day!

Summary of the campaign stats

On average the campaign reaches >130,000 people each month (targeted specifically at nurses)

The average monthly number of email applications is 80-100

Over 30 nurses are appointed on average each month as a direct result of the campaign!

brand Videos….


“As an organisation we have been working with Rachel and Sam for over 12 months. Using social media was something very new to us in relation to the advertising medium for recruiting nurses.

The recruitment campaigns are extremely effective and very much capture what is unique about working here at Tameside and Glossop.

They personalise the campaigns to ensure we get the maximum coverage to achieve getting to our target audience who are very much of the “facebook” era.

They are flexible and responsive to all our ideas which makes the whole process very smooth and quite dynamic. The staff engagement has been fabulous as they utilise our videos and pictures to bring the campaigns “to life”.

Compared to advertising in a journal it is very cost effective and it runs continuously for the length of the campaign, not just as a “one off” advert.

Initially we ran a campaign involving radio and Social Media. When reviewing where people had heard about the recruitment evening the majority said social media. We now use this as our advertising process.

Data is provided on a daily basis of the contacts and numbers so we can monitor the impact of the campaign in a very much “live” process and adjust if we want a better response.

Social media is definitely the way to target our workforce as the results have shown and using Rachel and Sam to promote this has been a brilliant success.”

Lindsay Stewart
Assistant Chief Nurse
Corporate Nursing
Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust