Tameside & Glossop Fill 9 Hard to Recruit to Vacancies in 6 Weeks

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 Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (TGIC) nursing team have been long term partners in collaborating with Just R on high impact digital marketing campaigns to recruit to vacancies across the Trust.

The health visiting team at TGIC were struggling to recruit across the district, including to school nurse vacancies, so became the initial focus of the targeted digital advertising strategy. 

With 6 weeks to promote their Health Visitor and School Nurse focused event, a high impact digital marketing campaign utilising the existing TGIC employer brand built by Just R proved an incredibly successful solution.   

The campaign built a pipeline of over 135 interested candidate and sought 30 event attendees with completed short application forms, enabling  the TGIC team to appoint 9 candidates on the day and enter 3 additional student nurses to a keep-in-touch engagement process with the Trust whilst they complete their education.


  • Attracting to roles in School Nursing and Health Visiting – both hard to fill positions.
  • Reliance on word-of-mouth and traditional NHS recruitment methods.
  • No targeted advertisement on dedicated Trust recruitment social media channels.
  • Reliance on agency recruitment in order to fill vacancies.

Just R’s Solution

  • Locally targeted digital attraction campaign reaching over 100,000 people in Greater Manchester
  • High impact digital marketing campaign targeted towards School Nurses and Health Visitors.
  • Utilising existing employer brand which is recognised as Tameside and Glossop’s bespoke and stand alone identity
  • Advertisement of role-specific events and recruitment days to boost candidate awareness
  • Streamlining of enquiries for specific roles
  • Easy sign up for candidates ensuring the candidate journey is as simple and stress free as possible


  • An audience of 174,114 was reached in just under 2 months.
  • A pipeline of 125 potential candidates including:
    • 2 Health Visitors
    • 56 Qualified and 29 Student Nurses
    • 2 Qualified and 2 Student Midwives
    • 1 Qualified Mental Health Nurse
  • Offers made to:
    • 7 Band 5 RGN to train as Health Visitors
    • 1 Band 6 Health Visitor
    • 1 Band 5 School Nurse


Despite initial concerns about a lack of both Health Visitors and School Nurses in the local area, this campaign has proved incredibly successful in filling all currently available vacancies in Health Visiting for the Tameside team.

This is evidence to the power of digital marketing. Creating awareness of available roles in the local area  reaching active and passive candidates. A targeted digital advertising campaign with a direct call to action can fill those hard-to-recruit vacancies.


Offers Made


Kept in a Future Talent Pipeline


Event Attendees

Tameside 25 Feb Nursing Event 01 23 5

Tameside 25 Feb Nursing Event 01 23 4

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