Utilising University Hospital Southampton’s USPs to fill vacancies in Critical Care

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As part of our collaboration with University Hospital Southampton, we delivered a digital attraction campaign to attract and convert Qualified Nurses into Critical Care vacancies across general trauma, general intensive care, cardiac and neuro. We generated a pipeline of 171 enquiries of interest, 62 of which were Qualified Nurses and at least 13 Nurses were appointed to vacancies. Read on to see how our sustainable workforce strategy generated these results.

A digital attraction campaign that reflected the best of UHS

At Just R, we bring Organisations to life through storytelling and content creation: this includes photography, videography, animation, graphics, and written copy. This all equates to a strong employer brand that tells a story about your team and Trust. Utilising all of this, we created a digital attraction campaign distributed through Facebook, reaching an audience of 3.5 million (across four campaigns combined with UHS).

As a teaching hospital, UHS has a lot to offer and we wanted to utilise this in our content to attract the best aligned staff for the vacancies available. We held a strong focus on the bespoke training pathway available for Qualified Nurses that had no prior experience in critical care. This unique training opportunity proved popular with Nurses and allowed clear career progression for those looking to work in a new area of nursing. We drove candidates to a one page microsite that detailed the unique opportunities available at the Trust, who were then screened by our Candidate Consultant team, ensuring they were values aligned and the right fit for the vacancies on offer.

Creating an awareness

Since UHS’ collaboration with Just R, there has been a 50% increase in Band 5 Nurse TRAC applications due to the impact and awareness generated by the digital attraction campaign. This combined with a pipeline generated of 171 enquiries of interest on Just R’s applicant tracking system (RPM), allowed the team at UHS to access candidate information at their fingertips and fill vacant areas within Critical Care. Creating a brand that was recognisable and memorable, and reflective of the staff at UHS, the Just R team created a buzz around the Trust’s working environment and opportunities within the department.

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Throughout the span of this campaign for Critical Care, here’s what we achieved: 

  • A pipeline of 171 enquires of interest (including 62 Qualified Nurses)
  • 13 Qualified Nurses hired
  • A further 6 booked to interview after the campaign ended
  • An increase in TRAC applicants by 50% (comparisons made between pre and during campaign)
  • An audience reach of over 3.5 million
  • An employer brand that reflected the Trust’s USPs
  • A bespoke one page microsite detailing the opportunities available

Qualified Nurses Appointed

3.5 million

People Reached


Enquiries of Interest

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01.Southampton UHS   Critical Care Asset Style 3   3

Utilising University Hospital Southampton’s USPs to fill vacancies in Critical Care