NNUH Generates Over 70 Nurse Enquiries in its First Week

NNUH Nurse recruitment


→ Urgent need for nurse and HCSW vacancies to be filled

→ COVID-19 affecting the recruitment and retention of workforce

→ Reliance on Trac and word-of-mouth to promote vacancies at the Trust

→ Unique challenges in recruiting roles across the Trust


Having worked with NNUH since 2018, this is the second time Just R has worked with NNUH to specifically deliver a campaign in response to the global pandemic. Using our understanding of the Trust’s unique challenges and building on the recruitment brand created through previous campaigns, our existing relationship has allowed us to quickly launch effective campaigns to drive urgent recruitment at the Trust.

NNUH nurse


3 Week Campaign:

Reach → 50K

Enquiries → 6,600

Offers Made → 13 Nurses

Instant results through this campaign are made possible due to the ongoing development and promotion of their employer brand, with ‘always on’ digital marketing techniques and a strategy to drive applicants to the Trust.

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Neil Fisher, Recruitment Manager

I’ve always found the Just R team to be helpful and knowledgeable, and we’ve built an excellent relationship over the years. They understand NNUH, our challenges and our priorities, and have been central to the complete transformation of our brand and approach.