Vibrant rebrand helps The Christie to establish a talent pipeline of over 100 Qualified Nurses in 6 months

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Just R have formed a long term relationship with The Christie, beginning with a strategic campaign attracting to vacancies within the organisation. The Christie is one of Europe’s leading cancer centres. The Trust serves a population of 3.2 million across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, and treats over 44,000 patients a year, many of whom are referred from all over the UK. The Christie is also an international leader in research and clinical trials with an impressive track record of many world first breakthroughs. The Trust wanted to challenge assumptions about the trust being a sombre place to work, and the notion they are only interested in doctors and nurses. To facilitate this, Just R helped to create a vibrant employer brand, inclusive of colourful assets and content pointing to the value and variety of career opportunities at The Christie.


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Since collaborating with Just R in July 2022, The Christie has pulled in 513 enquiries from candidates interested in working at the Trust through the delivery of a values-based digital attraction campaign. Within 6 months of going live their Facebook page (created and populated by Just R) received over 22,000 engagements and reached over 600,000 users; enabling the Trust to build a talent pipeline inclusive of enquiries from over 100 Qualified Nurses, 20 Nursing Students, 10 AHPs, as well as many HCA and new to care candidates. Following interviews, several candidates were given job offers, bringing the Trust’s estimated return on investment at the 6 month point to over £200,000, with a projected return on investment over the 12 month arrangement set to reach £459,000 when compared with alternative recruitment methods.

Refreshing statistics considering the challenges in staff recruitment and retention faced by the oncology workforce. The results speak for themselves. Not only is passive job advertisement an incredibly powerful means of recruitment across general and specialised healthcare services; it is essential to establish a strong employer brand and value proposition in order to attract high quality, values aligned candidates to your Trust.

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