Celebrating our Just R Role Models!

At Just R, being a role model is one of our core values. In order to achieve our vision of “striving to create working environments where people who want to be their best can thrive”, we focus on celebrating the wonderful things everyone here at Just R does.

Each member of the Just R team strives to set standards and educate the world around us on things that can be done differently – so we want to celebrate when someone does this exceptionally well!

Everyday, our employees are doing amazing things, always keeping our values in mind. This includes being a role model, striving to be your best self and supporting those around you. Being constantly curious, at Just R we love learning, and always take time to incorporate learning into our everyday lives, sharing our findings with others. We care about our colleagues, company and clients, expressing caring throughout everything we do. Finally, we strive to make things happen, being focused and dedicated to producing results.

Our Role Model nominations initiative sees employees nominate each other for doing something outstanding, and for truly representing the Just R values.

Each time someone reaches 5 nominations, they get to hear the wonderful things their colleagues have to say about them, and receive a gift. Recently, we celebrated our Project and Brand Manager Lucy and Graphic Designer Rosie both receiving 5 nominations for being superstars!

A selection of Rosie’s nominations:

“From the first day in the office Rosie has demonstrated curiosity and making things happen by the bucket load, she has been a great contributor to every project group she has been involved in and produced work to a standard the whole team can be proud of as Just R. I am super excited to see her develop and the contribution she will make to the growth of the design team, the Just R brand and the positive impact we can have on our clients! Keep up the great work” – nominated by Rachael

“For being constantly curious. Rosie asks lots of questions and makes you think about what it is you’re explaining and how you’re explaining it. She’s got a fantastic way of putting down what you’ve said and bringing and making it make sense to herself and is curious to understand who Just R are, what we do and how the NHS works – this is something which she should be celebrated for!” – nominated by Lucy

A selection of Lucy’s nominations:

“Lucy has passion to succeed. She is committed to her desired goals and willing to invest her time and effort to achieve success. Not only that, but she’s also willing to invest time and effort in others and has been incredibly supportive! She is super generous when it comes to supporting team members and encouraging their development. She is someone to look up to” – nominated by Beth

“Lucy is the embodiment of a Just R role model. She is always happy to help and has such a caring personality. She is always juggling a hundred things at once, but never drops the ball and is always happy to take on something else if it means helping someone out – a true role model” – nominated by Rosie

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