What Does It Take to Design a Radiology Campaign for East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust?

Our Senior Creative, Leah, takes us on a deep dive into the development of a recent ENH Trust Radiology campaign identity

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Leah Tickner

From the outset, I was excited about the prospect of working on this project.


The Process

First things first, we assembled our Project Team to make sure we had someone from each speciality to bring the project to life: consisting of a Project Manager, Candidate Consultant, Digital Advertising Executive, and, on the design team: a Videographer, and Graphic Designer, me! Our team came together to discuss what we each needed to get the ball rolling and our research began. Read more about our team here.

As East & North Herts were a Trust that we have not worked with previously, we spent some time digging into the existing brand and identity of the Trust. While also looking into the specialism and what we knew of this particular radiography team. 

At its core, “Radiology is a branch of medicine that uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat disease.” Now, when I think of “imaging technology”, my thoughts go straight to cameras and it was this link which sparked the idea which was to eventually become the campaign concept.

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Bit of a background…

Despite knowing that I wanted to pursue Graphic Design since I was a small child, I was fortunate that my National Diploma course at art college included a Photography module. We created our own pinhole cameras, experimented in dark rooms, and saw the images we captured on light sensitive paper develop right in front of our eyes. Photography has since become a hobby of mine, and I’ve curated quite a collection of polaroid and lomography film cameras over the years. With the advent of digital cameras, gone are the days when you’d pop into Max Spielmann on the high street, not knowing what the camera actually caught.

Technology has advanced; now we get crystal clear, megapixel perfection, and when it comes to Radiology, this is what’s important. Terminology from Photography seemed to go hand in hand with the campaign’s subject and focus.




"Development. Transparency. Exposure." If the words weren’t utilised in the taglines, they influenced the style of photo editing.


Screenshot 2022 04 25 At 15.22.46

Finishing Touches!

The campaign concept of these key messages, paired with double exposure gained approval from the North East Herts Team. With their collaboration and support, we were able to attend the Photography shoot with a strong art direction, enabling us to capture some truly powerful portraits. These, combined with action shots, conveyed both the person and what the role entails.

Not forgetting about the typography, we added a subtle see-through treatment, to carry through the concept and create cohesion between the two.

What I love about design is that inspiration and ideas can come from anywhere. I would have never thought that experimental image making at college would be influencing my commercial client designs today.

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