Behind the design of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Our Senior Creative, Leah Tickner, takes a another deep dive into the development of highly thought-out branding concept

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Bradford Teaching Hospitals are a returning Trust, having previously worked with them in November, 2020, launching ‘Step into Kindness’; a campaign to attract HCSWs to the Trust. We are continuing our collaboration with Bradford Teaching Hospital, developing on our previous branding and creative strategy to make it more relevant today. Read on to hear how Just R’s Senior Creative, Leah Tickner, created a strong brand identity aligned with values led attraction.

Breaking down the creative process

Our previous campaign consisted of a bold colour palette, combined with a logo that was clever in its construction. 

It consisted of 4 main elements; Open Hands – conveying that the trust is caring, welcoming, receptive; Heart – which portrays affection, generosity, warmth; Person – a representation of the staff, the potential candidate; Angel Wings – synonymous with care and guardianship… all of which echo and support the Bradford Teaching Hospital values. It was a multi-layered approach which was very striking but subtle in its sophistication. It wasn’t literal or obvious, but deeper meanings were thoughtfully hidden throughout.

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It was a multi-layered approach which was very striking but subtle in its sophistication. It wasn’t literal or obvious, but deeper meanings were thoughtfully hidden throughout.


The campaign delivered great results

In our previous collaboration with Bradford Teaching Hospital, ‘Step into Kindness’, the Trust recruited 45 HCSW!

We were delighted when the team at Bradford committed to partnering with Just R on a long term workforce attraction strategy. Following a period of ad hoc project delivery, having the ability to work with the Trust to plan long term gives us all the opportunity to deliver sustainable workforce solutions which will support the Trust’s vision  “to be an outstanding provider of healthcare, research and education, and a great place to work” 

Our current campaign is to attract HCSW and nurses to the Trust, driving candidates to an exciting recruitment event.

Changing with the times

Following the COVID pandemic, perceptions and connotations shifted and we realised that hands could now be seen as unsanitary and a place for germs to spread. It’s important to factor in topical events when creating designs. Perceptions do change and we knew we had to update our offering to reflect the current social climate.

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MAY 17 Assets

What makes Bradford, Bradford.

Through research of the hospital, the local area, gathering insights from staff that currently work at the hospital, we concluded quite quickly that people are what make Bradford, Bradford. Awarded the 2025 City of Culture, Bradford is home to ​​an extraordinary cultural heritage with a rich and diverse culture and we wanted to highlight the importance of this. The community is central to the organisation.

‘Step into Kindness’ had a hidden person within its logo, so we couldn’t help but hide one this time too! …did you spot it?

BTH 2022 03 Campaign 3

A closer look

When using the ‘B’ of the logo mark as a standalone graphical element within our assets, we’ve been conscious to intentionally place it with the person figure cut in half, so whilst the overall graphic appears abstract, the finer detail in the negative space is still recognisable. It’s something that most people may not notice right away, but as a Creative, I’m mostly drawn to designs that are clever, and once you do see this little bit of design detail, I hope it raises a smile and sticks in the brain, making the brand more memorable.

Reflecting your values

At Just R we will always consider your values and weave this into the branding we create for your campaign, ensuring we attract candidates that are the right fit for your Trust. This is vital for value led attraction; by attracting candidates whose values align with your own rather than only considering candidates that tick every box on paper, a new pool of candidates are found that may not have been considered otherwise. A strong Employer Brand and creative strategy is the way forward in recruiting key quality candidates whose values align with the Trust.

If you’re currently being creative in the classroom, we’re always on the lookout for fantastic designers to add to our future pipeline!