Employer Brand Survey 2023 : Where Does Your Trust Place?

We have recently launched our first annual Employer Brand survey results, having surveyed every Trust across the UK rating them on their Employer Brand proficiency. The first of its kind, the survey ranks every Trust across the UK, placing them into a leaderboard.

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Today’s outlook for the NHS workforce is bleak, with over 133,400 vacancies currently and a projection of 488,000 by 2030.

NHS career profiles need to be raised to increase awareness not only of current vacancies but the vast opportunities that are available to the next generation who will be now considering their futures. 

Aldi, Tesco, Amazon and agencies are all doing it, and NHS Trusts need to catch up – and fast.

Having worked with over 60 NHS Trusts over the past 7 years, we know that having a strong Employer Brand is a key element in solving the workforce crisis. It’s cost effective, sustainable and promotes Trusts and healthcare organisations as the employer of choice both locally and nationally.

Within the survey, every NHS Trust was held to a select set of criteria, divided into 4 sections; Employer Brand, recruitment website, vision mission and values and external communications.

Employer Branding isn’t about the reputation a company has by ‘doing a good job’ – it focuses on its culture, values, vision and leadership. A strong Employer Brand has the ability to reduce an organisation’s turnover by 28%, reduce the cost to hire by 50%, and yield 50% more qualified applicants. Developing and maintaining one should absolutely be a priority for NHS Trust teams.

What have we discovered?

The survey led us to find out that…

  • 89% of Trusts do not have a recruitment website
  • Of those that do have a recruitment site, job vacancies are only easy to find on less than 20% of these
  • 79% of Trusts have no Employer Brand, and of those that do, 47% aren’t using it consistently
  • A small 18% of Trusts have dedicated social media channels for recruitment, and just 6% of Trusts are posting in a way which will be attractive and enticing for candidates
  • There is a clear correlation between Employer Brand efforts and staff survey results, as the top 5 Trusts on our list all scored above average or best, whilst the bottom 5 scored average or below

Of the Trusts we work with, 8 of them made the top 10 list…

Having worked with NELFT since they first approached Just R 5 years ago, our CEO and Founder, Rachael Bagshaw, said “over time, we have helped NELFT to build an incredibly strong employer brand which matches their offerings, meaning employees who start there, stay there. It’s all about making as many people as possible aware of and attracted to opportunities within the NHS now and in the future, so as to future-proof the NHS workforce which is in dire need.”

The survey will be released annually, giving you the opportunity and time to improve on your score.

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