Just R’s Tips For Running A Successful Recruitment Event!

The Just R team were recently in attendance at Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust for their first in-person recruitment event in over 2 years, an event which resulted in 46 jobs being offered on the day – an incredible result! This isn’t the end either, as this event was held less than a month into our campaign with the Trust, and there will be many more to come in the future.

But, what makes a brilliant recruitment event? Our in-house videographer and photographer Ben attended the event to capture the day, and has shared some tips on what made the day so successful.

First of all, the overall feeling of the day should be one of celebration and joy!

Both candidates and Trust staff should be excited about the event, ensuring everyone has an amazing, positive experience by the time they come to leave.

Make sure you put your best people first, as you really want to be able to sell the Trust and job roles available!

Upon entering the event, clear signage is vital.

At the event in Tameside, the entrance was clearly sign-posted and easy to follow, and candidates also had access to free parking very close to where the event was being hosted – this was a lovely touch which meant potential applicants didn’t have an added stress to their day.


recruitment event celebration


recruitment event clear signage

The Candidate Consultant team here at Just R did a fantastic job of contacting those attending the event in the days leading up to it, and ensured all of their questions were answered and they would know where to go on the day.

This contact with potential candidates on behalf of the Trust also gave them a brilliant first impression, and encouraged them to come along to the event.

A warm and friendly welcome once inside the event was vital too, with candidates entering to a check-in area, where staff at the front desk were waiting to greet them.

With a clear list of everyone they were expecting, and a pre-planned outline for the day which was shared with the attendees, the day ran very smoothly.

Alongside this, the Trust staff also had their Just R application forms printed out for each candidate. This is something which candidates filled in in the weeks leading up to the event, and provided the Trust with information about each candidate ahead of time.

recruitment event candidate consultants

recruitment event friendly welcome

Each candidate was taken to chat with the Deputy Directors of Nursing to determine what department within the Trust they may want to enter, before then chatting with members of the senior nursing teams about the specific job roles available.

Some candidates chose to be interviewed on the day of the event, so at this point, pairs of staff were set up to interview candidates.

It’s important that the interviewing process feels relaxing and fun for the candidates as well!

Our videographer and photographer Ben worked with the Trust to ensure the day was captured beautifully – a true collaborative team! He was able to capture the smiling faces of those who had just been offered jobs, creating a lovely reminder of the day for both the candidate and the Trust.

It’s such a joy to see in-person recruitment events happening again, but we do understand that virtual events are still the go-to for a lot of Trusts. The most important thing to keep in mind for your recruitment event is to ensure both the candidates and your fellow Trust staff have a really positive, beneficial experience by being prepared ahead of time, making candidates feel welcomed, and working collaboratively with Just R to get the best results – and hopefully make lots of job offers!

In summary, here are our top tips for running a successful event:

  • Free parking!
  • Clear signage to help the day run as smoothly as possible
  • Have staff available to greet the candidates as they arrive
  • Refreshments and freebies will always go down well
  • Make sure people are on hand to deal with any queries
  • Put your best people forward!
  • Have some props available for taking photos – you want people to share them on their socials and spread the word of the event and the Trust!

“I’ve come along because I’ve heard how good this Trust is to work for. It popped up on Facebook and I followed the link, and took it from there! It’s been really well organised, the people here are really helpful, really approachable. It’s all been amazing and a really nice experience.” – Karen, event attendee

“The atmosphere of the event was very friendly, very relaxed and was a great environment to be in for myself as a videographer/photographer; but also for candidates coming to do a job interview.” – Ben, videographer and photographer at Just R

recruitment event photo 1


recruitment event photo 2