5 Key Takeaways from Just R’s Employer Brand Webinar in Association with NHS England


Account Manager Amy Cockton presented a well attended webinar in association with NHS England to discuss Employer Branding and how the NHS would hugely benefit from developing and maintaining them. Below are our 5 key takeaways from the session…

1. Worldwide healthcare worker shortage will reach 10 million, whilst in the UK alone the projected shortage will be 488,000 by 2030

2. An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is your staff benefits, it answers the question “what’s in it for me?”. An Employer Brand is what communicates your EVP, and is more than just what you look like

It’s communicating what new employees can expect to find when they join your organisation. It’s imperative that what is inside your organisation matches the shop window – if it doesn’t, employees are less likely to stick around

A graphical image advertising roles at NELFT with a nurse walking in front of a red bus

East And North Herts Theatres

3. To build an Employer Brand it is important to utilise your existing staff and their stories.

People like people and a sense of familiarity is key to encouraging prospective staff to choose you. Consider your variety of audiences and build systems and pathways for those you need to reach!

4. An Employer Brand benefits attraction, retention and employee engagement. Attracting a values aligned workforce is paramount to future proofing your workforce

5. NHS competitors can include Aldi, Amazon and Tesco, but it’s not all about pay!

The NHS can and should shout louder about the benefits of working for their organisation e.g. pathways, development, opportunities in leadership and mentorship, wellbeing services, holiday and pension packages. There are a variety of audiences who would be attracted to the varying and vast amount of benefits that come from working in the NHS

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