Struggling to Fill Your Healthcare Vacancies?

Are you tired of doing the same thing and not getting anywhere? Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional (failing) method of recruitment that the NHS is locked into?

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It goes without saying that in the current climate, there is so much that needs to be done to attract people to join the NHS (nursing university applications are down 20%), to stay in the NHS (leavers are up 25%), and to promote healthcare as a career of choice (68% of NHS Trusts report a significant increase in staff leaving to work in other sectors). We know that this is a problem, and understand that you do too.

Here at Just R, we do things differently. We see the importance of Employer Brand building, high-impact marketing and candidate engagement as a solution to the NHS workforce crisis. Not only do Trusts need to set their individual organisations apart from the rest so that they attract (and keep) values aligned employees, but the lengthy, confusing recruitment process itself must change so as not to alienate or lose candidates and, importantly, reduce the need for expensive agency or international alternatives.

That’s why we exist. We were founded on the basis that the traditional recruitment methods the NHS depend on don’t work as well as they should, and for the need to find a solution which will eradicate the over-reliance that the NHS has on temporary agency staffing.

We’ve all seen the articles “hospital spends £2,500 for a single nurses shift” and “hospitals in England pay £5,200 for one agency doctor’s shift”. Don’t be mistaken, we know most of that money doesn’t go to that staff member, but directly into the pockets of the agency.

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So… we came up with the solution. Something which has reaped results for 60+ Trusts in the UK so far. And it’s not a big ask. We are focused on delivering our proactive solution to progressive organisations who are ready to do what needs to be done to future-proof the NHS workforce. We utilise marketing, brand, and candidate engagement to build bespoke talent pipelines so that Trusts have control over their narrative and a 360 view of any and all candidates who are interested in working for their Trust, whether that be now, or in the future.

Trusts across the country must invest in marketing and dedicated, bespoke Employer Branding (much like all of the biggest companies globally which ex healthcare staff are flocking to i.e. Google, Amazon). We are determined to provide sustainable workforce solutions to progressive NHS Trusts, which will reduce the over-reliance that the NHS has on using expensive temporary agency staff and help them to build a substantive workforce with a pipeline of candidates to contact whenever a vacancy comes up.

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Reaching passive candidates is vital to future-proofing the NHS workforce, not only for attracting, but retaining staff too. Inspire generations to come to choose a career in healthcare, placing your Trust at the top of their mind when they come to choosing an employer. This is where your Employer Brand and Value Proposition (EVP) comes in.

You must stand out against competitors, and we don’t just mean neighbouring Trusts. We mean Amazon, Aldi, Bupa, Nuffield Health… we could go on. Your Employer Value Proposition is the promise you make between yourselves, the employer, and your employees. It is attractive to both potential candidates and existing employees and is the beginning of the creation of a substantial, permanent, thriving workforce. And, Just R know how to help you build it.

We will…

    • Help you to identify your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
      • Help to develop a strategy to make your EVP stronger
    • Develop your Employer Brand to set you apart from competitors
      • Help to make you recognisable as an employer of choice
    • Design and construct a recruitment website which communicates your EVP
    • Deliver a high-impact digital marketing campaign
      • Promote your Employer Brand
      • Advertise opportunities available on an always-on basis
    • Build your bespoke pipeline of values-aligned, screened candidates for both current and future roles
      • Give you access to our Recruitment Pipeline Management System
      • Provide you with a system that will future-proof your workforce


We will assist your Trust to do what needs to be done to future-proof your workforce and reduce your reliance on costly temporary agency staff and other alternative methods

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