The Solution to the NHS Staffing Crisis

Whether the true shortage is 40,000 / 50,000 or the close to half a million projected by 2030 it really is irrelevant, this is the worst workforce crisis we have ever seen and it is only going to become worse if something isn’t done immediately. The NHS must embark on robust, long term workforce planning with a solid focus on Attraction, Recruitment and Retention. 

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We must stop obsessing with the numbers and start building the foundations to make things right. Here at Just R, we have outlined some effective and urgently needed solutions below.

Engage with and support Student Nurses

Engage with and support the applications of all student nurses, AHPs and midwives now!

It must no longer be accepted that a student can work in a Trust for 3 years, unpaid and is then expected to go through the regular application process. This is resulting in growing numbers choosing to never enter the NHS, they must be supported through the process and their placement hours.

Entry level recruitment

A robust attraction, recruitment and onboarding solution for entry level positions is urgently needed. Here is an example of the work we have recently delivered with Bradford Teaching Hospitals, attracting values-aligned candidates to a variety of roles including HCSW’s.

Reach out to Generation Z

Engage with your communities, reach Generation Z how they want to be reached. Go and inspire some kids!

Gen Z want a career rather than a job, with clear career progression in an organisation with a growth mindset. The stigma that the NHS is a ‘job for life’ does not appeal to the young population anymore. Read more here about how to attract Gen Z to NHS careers.

Engage with your current workforce

Listen to their ideas, insights and needs. Identify themes and quick wins which could make a real difference to engagement and morale. Employee advocates really are your best means of attracting great people!



At Just R we have the solutions and systems to deliver results fast whilst working in collaboration with the organisation on a long term strategy. We have been working on sustainable workforce solutions for the NHS for over 6 years, we have insights from Trusts across the UK from current staff, people who have left the service and candidates looking to join.

Whilst the government and various bodies are debating over the responsibility of developing a long term plan, we have been doing it. At Just R we make things happen!

Let's make the NHS staffing crisis a thing of the past
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