In the Frame: Tips for creating concept led recruitment campaigns

Just R's video lead, Ben, gives us his top tips for producing engaging, memorable content through photography, video and graphic design.


According to recent studies, 65% of job seekers in the UK now want a job that gives ‘a sense of purpose’ due to the pandemic (Job Search Statistics UK 2021 | StandOut CV, updated June 2022). Through concept led, imaginative, considered video campaigns, employers can appeal directly to jobseekers to find the right people for the right job. Consider the most ideal candidate, the qualities they possess and how that information can inform a campaign that is designed to appeal directly to them.

Here are some things to consider when looking to develop a concept led campaign for your Trust that will provide creatives with the fuel they need to come up with ideas and attract candidates to your Trust.

1. What are your USP’s?

Whilst it is important for Trusts to be supportive of their staff, patient-focused, and to “feel like one big family”; what really sells your Trust and sets it apart from the rest? Sometimes this may be to do with its location, equipment or research opportunities.

For example, the North Wales health board Betsi Cadwaladr is in close proximity to the Snowdonia national park which makes it a prospective haven for outdoor lovers and a great option for anyone looking to relocate from busy inner city life; something we capitlised on in our latest campaign with them –

2. Find your stars

Trusts are their people. When it comes time for the camera to roll, you need your best there to champion the Trust and share why they do what they do to inspire others and encourage coming to work for you. From our experience, it is far better to have 1 or 2 passionate individuals who can speak to the viewer and become a mascot for the Trust as opposed to hundreds of individuals dragged in front of the camera just because the opportunity is there for them to feature. The reality is that they may not have much to say or be the best person to get others on board and engaged, leading to the creation of video content that is lacking in enthusiasm and excitement and becomes detrimental to attracting others to your Trust.

3. Keep the audience in mind, always

Quite often during a production, we find that stakeholders from the Trust can lose sight of what is important and the forest gets lost in the trees. Hone in on exactly what is important about the role you are recruiting to and focus on that to appeal to the hearts and minds of jobseekers and concentrate on bringing this to life. Yes, the hospital may have an on-site Costa but that isn’t what’s going to get someone to stay and invest their passions into the Trust.

4. Think BIG!

Think beyond the confines of the hospital walls and the grounds of the Trust and aim BIG. Go stratospheric! With the NHS in England facing its worst staffing crisis in history (, it really is time to go big or go home as the saying goes. Healthcare recruitment marketing needs to inspire future generations to careers in healthcare.

Whilst the process of creating a truly memorable campaign is far from easy or straightforward, these considerations at the start can help you form a solid base from which to launch. By focusing on a central theme and idea, you are much more easily able to communicate with your prospective candidates through photography, video and graphic design. This means candidates who have connected with the campaign are more likely to share your values and therefore the working relationship between them and the Trust will be in a much stronger position from the start.

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