What Makes a Successful NHS Recruitment Video?

Lead Videographer Ben
It has never been more important to attract great people to roles in the NHS and inspire future generations to careers in healthcare, and there are few better ways than through storytelling and video. With the average person now watching an average of 16hrs of online content each week, video is the perfect medium to reach, attract and inspire people to join the NHS.


Over the past 2 years Just R’s Lead Videographer Ben has worked with hundreds of NHS people, learning about what makes their roles and teams unique along with gaining understanding of their journeys into the NHS. Here are Ben’s top 5 videos so far along with details of the impact they have each made:

Betsi Cadwaladr, Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

When compared with previous videos made for different areas within BCU that were released at the same time, statistics showed:

  • 78x higher engagement on the MH&LD videos with a focused concept
  • 15 second video views were 179x higher
  • 576% increase in the amount of people reached


The new campaign was distinctive to the area (being shot on location around the Ogwen Valley), featured Betsi’s very own staff and was all tied together by a concept that was crafted to appeal to those individuals who like the challenge of working in mental health.

A Day in the Life of a Capital Midwife

  • 12 hours of view time in the first week of release for a 5 minute short film
  • 76% engagement rate within the first week


If there is one career in healthcare that is sure to make a viewer say: ‘that is what I want to do!’; it’s midwifery. Yes, like any other profession in healthcare it’s facing its challenges; however the joy of helping bring life into the world and helping new mums has a universal and instant appeal for those candidates with a desire to make a difference. The delight and fulfilment this job brings has never been more on show than the short film made in partnership with the Capital Midwife program to be hosted on a website also built by Just R.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals, Nursing


“The videos Just R produced for us make me so proud of our team. They have captured what it’s like to work at Bradford, showcasing our Trust values and the honesty of the people that work here” said Samantha Dawe, Matron for Trauma & Orthopaedics, Breast & Plastic Surgery, Rheumatology & Dermatology.

What could be a better way to inspire and attract candidates than by showcasing those who work there already with a genuine passion for their job and where they work? The campaign for BTH was just this, taking honest, open and natural conversations with their nursing staff and using that to showcase why the trust is such a great place to work.

Bradford District Care, Admin Services


Filmed on location in mental health hospitals, Just R’s video team was able to tap deeper into the heart of what makes an admin job at BDCT exciting and brought to life the inspiring stories of existing staff members to give people a fresh take on what it means to work in admin services for a Trust.

Tameside & Glossop, AHP


With the term AHP covering a multitude of skills and roles, Just R conducted 22 video interviews over the course of one day with a range of Allied Health Professional’s at Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care Trust. These videos connected with candidates around the country and offered them an insight into what a career as a professionally autonomous practitioner looks like within the Trust.

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