Just R Animation Created To Explain Our Successful Nurse Recruitment Methods

Just R is a leading creative advertising agency, we provide digital and social media recruitment solutions for the NHS and private healthcare organisations.

Over the last year we’ve delivered some incredibly successful nurse recruitment campaigns.
Our campaigns are so different to your average NHS nursing recruitment methods.

It’s a truly unique way to fill specialist permanent and temporary nurse vacancies, and utilise social media platforms, without breaking the bank.

At Just R our expert team can also provide bespoke animations, and have designed a range of animations for our clients within the healthcare sector and beyond. Delivering complex or detailed information in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

So we thought it was about time we produced an animation which further explained how our nurse recruitment campaigns and healthcare recruitment solutions work, and share some of the fantastic results we’ve achieved over the last year.

Our NHS recruitment animation can be viewed below, with further animation content set to be released in the new year.