Just R. starts the journey towards BCorp Certification

We can no longer define success as just greater profits…true success leads to a stronger and healthier community and environment as well.”   Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-founder, B Lab

Here at Just R. we are absolutely delighted that we have officially placed ourselves in the validation process for BCorp Certification.

B Corp is short for Certified Benefit Corporation, they are a new kind of business that balances profit with purpose. B Corps measure their success on metrics far greater than numbers on balance sheets, they are about doing the right thing, for people, society and the planet. In summary it is about building responsible businesses structured to leave the world a better place than we find it.

Over the last five years the team at Just R. have been strengthening and developing our business providing values-based candidate attraction and retention campaigns in the healthcare sector, working with a growing portfolio of over 50 NHS Trusts.

Driven by personal experience of NHS care, our founder, Rachael Bagshaw, drew upon her business solutions background to create a way to enable the NHS to find great people to provide the very best care for patients, and to love their job for the long-term.

However, the more NHS Trusts we work with, the more we discovered that our business model was completely different from the traditional approach taken by other companies providing candidate attraction and retention services to the NHS (see Seven Differences, below).

Continuing to work through the epicentre of the Covid-19 crisis (where we actively placed candidates who were urgently needed to help combat the pandemic) further inspired us and spurred our passion for helping to build a better NHS.

Our mission? Finding and enthusing great people to apply for great roles in the NHS – which we believe is a truly great organisation. (And we should know, we work with dozens of NHS staff every day).

This realisation, firstly, that we always want to go the extra mile to contribute to a more caring and patient-focussed healthcare system, and secondly, that we were placing this purpose way ahead of profit led us to two questions:

  1. Where was our ‘tribe’?  Who felt the same way as we did about community and societal devB Corporation values. people using business as a force for good.elopment whilst building a commercial business?
  2. What sort of strategic framework should we use?  Was there an existing template that would enable us to manage and direct our emerging purpose-driven mission?

Some desk research, conversations with clever people, and a bit of head-scratching later and the answer to both questions became clear – 1. BCorps and 2. BCorp certification.

For those of you who are not deeply in the know, Certified B Corporations (BCorps) are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.  And, quoting from their website, BCorps ‘… are legally required to consider the impact of their decision on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.  This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.’

And so we are absolutely delighted that we have officially placed ourselves in the validation process for BCorp Certification – and already B Lab are requesting key pieces of information as we move forwards to certification. We know that we have much internal work to do to become certified and the whole process can take up to 9 months, but we are so excited to be on the path that feels right for us.

As a leadership team we are committed to making the significant policy and legal changes to achieve B Corp status, and working to share each stage of the journey with the team, encouraging ideas and feedback – not least as ‘Workers’ is one of the five key impact themes of the process!

We can’t wait to see where the path leads, excited to find our tribe, and embed an internationally recognised purpose-driven framework into our business model.

And if all goes well, we could become the first B Corp Certified company in the whole of Cumbria.

Seven Differences

(that made us feel like we were different to a typical NHS supplier)

  1. We always ‘go the extra mile’ to find sometimes hard-to-reach people who could be a great in an NHS role but just don’t know it yet.
  2. We aim to find great candidates whose care-giving, compassionate-driven values align with those of the NHS rather than finding just anyone who can ‘fill the gap’.
  3. We focus on being as cost-effective as possible – trying to save the NHS money on the cost of our services every step of the way.
  4. We strive to find the right people for the right role – and for them to love their job and stay in post (rather than just looking to place people for the short-term so that we can go back and bill for more services when they leave). This is a key difference.
  5. We work hard to convert and effectively onboard the right candidates, so they have a great initial experience of the NHS, rather than just rushing off to find the next candidate.
  6. We endeavour to keep in touch with successful candidates once in post for up to 12 months to check in with them and provide managers with feedback – helping all parties to create a fantastic working environment.
  7. We really concentrate on the specific needs of each Trust to understand and communicate the unique opportunity for each candidate we reach to work in that role, with that team, in that hospital – and living in that location.