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We utilise the power of digital campaigns to drive the reach and attract passive candidates to sign up and further understand the importance of clinical trials.

For years, clinical trial recruitment has only been able to reach a sub-sect of the population, leading to results being unrepresentative of the population as a whole. COVID-19 demonstrated that digital advertising can work for recruitment to clinical trials, with a quicker turnaround than traditional methods when used correctly.

Traditional trial recruitment is time consuming and inefficient, and current advertising only reaches those actively seeking to participate in a clinical trial, making it difficult to get involved.

Digital advertising allows you to reach an audience of passive participants, those who may not know how studies work, the importance of clinical research or how to get involved in them. These campaigns with the backing of digital marketing is the start of our mission is to make the participation in clinical trials as commonplace as giving blood!



Just R worked closely with Proinnovera stakeholders in their recruitment and feasibility teams to create a consumer-facing brand named ‘Future for Patients’.

Proinnovera was keen to help people across Europe to get easy access to clinical studies relevant to their condition. The team also wanted to improve the general understanding of the benefits of clinical research, and ultimately boosting recruitment figures for Proinnovera studies now and in the future.

Dust Mites


Dust Mites

We collaborated with Germany-based company Proinnovera as part of their Future for Patients portal on a campaign to attract candidates with a Dust Mite allergy. Distributed through a dedicated Facebook page, the campaign reached a wide audience within both Germany and Poland. Just R also took responsibility for the landing page design, where participants could register interest in the advertised trial.

Cholinergic Urticaria

We again worked with Proinnovera as part of their Future for Patients portal on a campaign to attract candidates suffering from Cholinergic Urticaria. Distributed through a dedicated Facebook page, participants could register their interest in the trial through a link. The campaign also utilised out of home advertising, through the use of a subway poster.


NIHR and Research+ME

We are working in collaboration with NIHR’s Newcastle Patient Recruitment Centre (PRC) to promote various trials, and drive sign-up to the PRC’s Research+ME registry which not only allows for potential participants to be pre-screened online for eligibility but allows for staggered mail-outs of participants meaning that the volume of participants for each site can be managed in a measured and controlled way. Our joint aim is to empower more people to take part in clinical research.

RADIAL 2022 10 Diabetes Campaign Assets 19


As part of our ongoing partnership with NIHR and Research + ME, we’ve created a digital campaign for a home-based trial to create awareness and attract trial participants with type 2 diabetes who are on long-acting basal insulin.

The development of this campaign’s branding emphasises the home-based method by wrapping the visuals around the participant enjoying their usual everyday activities such as reading, walking and talking, to mimic how this clinical trial can “fit around you”.


A NIHR sponsored clinical trial, focusing on participants with bipolar depression, to evaluate the effectiveness of a new combination of existing medications in treating those who are currently experiencing depression and have a history of mania. The trial is promoted from our Supporting Research page, driving participant sign-up to the Research+ME registry.

We developed the trial brand for this campaign using the ASCEnD name for inspiration along with the acknowledgement that finding the right treatment can be a long journey, producing the “take a step with us” concept which sees the visuals incorporate ascending steps.

ASCEnD Illustrations 5

Supporting Research Circle2

Supporting Research, presented by Just R

A digital pathway to promote clinical trial recruitment

These campaigns will run from our Supporting Research page, where the ‘always on’ messaging is focused on educating a wider and more diverse audience around clinical trials. This education piece allows us to myth bust and inform your audience, meaning when people see trials which may be relevant to them they will be primed and more likely to take action. 

The audiences will be targeted based on their geographic location (e.g. those near relevant recruitment sites, or in areas with a high prevalence rates of a condition) with bespoke messaging and visual content specific to your trial being used.


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