Employer branding can positively impact all three areas of our ‘three pillar’ model:


Trusts with a strong employer brand attract larger numbers of quality candidates who are aligned with the core values of the organisation.


Trusts with a strong employer brand are likely to see a higher rate of engaged candidates. The hiring process is often twice as fast than those who do not have a strong brand identity.*


Trusts with a strong employer brand enable employees to understand the culture and value of the organisation before joining. It clarifies what people can expect from the organisation and what is expected from them.


94% of job seekers would consider an employers’ brand when applying for jobs.

Attraction Conversion Retention

50% more qualified candidates


43% drop in recruitment costs


28% reduction in staff turnover 

Our Solution

We deep dive into your values, culture and team. We find out exactly who you are and why great people would want to work for you. It’s at that point we start to establish your brand.

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