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As experts, Just R are on hand to work alongside your team to build a strong EVP. Using key messages combined with genuine accounts from those already working at your organisation, a story begins to unfold that puts your organisation into the spotlight! After all, your Employer Value Proposition comes from those team members that are living and breathing your values every single day.

Once you have established exactly what it is that makes your organisation stand out, it’s time to weave these values and key messages into a values based attraction strategy in order to attract individuals who align with your values.


The impact of an Employer Value Proposition

A well-crafted Employer Value Proposition can increase the commitment of your new hires by


When an EVP is activated effectively, it can decrease your talent turnover by just under


An EVP holds the potential to also increase new employees’ commitment by


EVP and Employer Brand

A good Employer Value Proposition can help an organisation draw the attention of top talent. It is an identified consistent message about the unique benefits and experience of working at your organisation and highlights the unique aspects you offer that attract, engage and retain top talent.

While the EVP communicates to your potential and existing employees what they can get in return for working for your organisation, your employer brand refers to the reputation as a whole, not just potential employees. These two terms do overlap, since an employer brand aims to present your Employer Value Proposition in a creative and captivating external message.

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Why It's Important

While your Employer Value Proposition is vital in attracting the right people, it’s also an important tool to consider in your retention strategy. In essence, your Employer Value Proposition aims to answer the question “why should I want to work for your Organisation rather than somewhere else?”, and this applies to both the attraction and retention of staff. Existing employees are your most valuable source of advertising, and so integrating your EVP into your internal communications is essential in retaining the brilliant staff you already have.

A strong Employer Value Proposition also helps to bring your People Promise to life!

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People are everything. The success of an enterprise usually comes down to one thing: the team.

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