The average cost of losing an employee is staggering – up to 150-200%. This is a combination of time spent and the costs relating to processes such as attraction, compensation, productivity loss and training. It’s a key area for improvement for many of the NHS Trusts we are working with.

It’s a key area for improvement for many of the NHS Trusts we are working with.

Nearly 14,000 people voluntarily resigned from the NHS in the first 6 months of 2020 without a reason. This makes it difficult to fix turnover challenges.

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85% Average completion rates and accuracy with honest response, compared to 25% when undertaken internally

30% Use data to inform resourcing decisions, and even fewer evaluate the effectiveness of retention initiatives

45.5% Stated voluntary resignation as a reason for leaving the NHS (only 13% was retirement)

We’d recommend learning from departing employees – it provides insights that can be used to ensure the environment meets employee needs wherever possible, supporting a positive culture and increasing employee retention. This can also boost your employer brand and reputation.

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Our Solution 

We’re experienced at delivering Exit Interviews.

As an independent organisation we gain true insights into reasons for leaving, as well as an experience overall with the Trust and NHS. We provide summary reports, as well as a full Exec report, showcasing what we’ve found and any opportunities for change.

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“Exit Interviews can be quite emotive, so it’s important to us that we do these face to face or via video call if possible. We know how much insight can be gained from leavers”
Ruth Sowerby | HR Specialist at Just R Ltd
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