Your current NHS application process may be long-winded and time-consuming. If candidates are waiting varying lengths of time for answers, they may drop out during the process.

Want to engage more with candidates, but don’t have the time or capacity? Getting the balance right between technology and human interaction is key.

Having quick access to candidate information and being able to undertake essential tasks, so you can then carry on with your day is crucial. However, taking the time to speak to individuals to show your interest is just as important.

Virtual Recruitment Event | Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

We optimise your hiring process through pre-screening, so you spend your time talking to high quality candidates that have been attracted to you based on values.

10 top candidates will only stay available for a short time
54% have lost out on a qualified candidate due to a lengthy process
11.3% increased likelihood they will go on to work for you, if you contact them within 60 minutes

Virtual Recruitment Event | Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Our solution 

Our RPM (Recruitment Pipeline Management) system, has been created for NHS Trusts. It’s a single, seamless place to track, store and manage candidates, plus create a future workforce pipeline.

Our Candidate Consultant contacts every individual who enquires during your campaign. We provide a highly personalised experience.

Virtual Recruitment Event | Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
“We were very impressed with the calibre of applicants and they showed compassion and care.” 
Sharon Barker, Nursing and Midwifery Quality Lead for safe staffing at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
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