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Retention is a vital element of sustaining and growing our NHS workforce, to meet the increasing and changing demands on services. Just R is committed to aiding NHS retention by supporting the elevation of delivery of training and development offered to staff.

We advocate video first training materials that involve your people, a method proven to significantly enhance engagement and interaction.
Recent research* has shown that staff are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles. And when hosted within interactive PDF’s and/or online portals we can ensure these vital resources are available in simple to find and useful formats.

North London Mental Health Partnership Video:

Continuous learning holds significant value for healthcare professionals. In addition to providing enhanced recognition for employees and well-defined avenues for career growth, staff training plays a crucial role in retaining the best staff. Research conducted by Skills for Care revealed that 87% of employers observed an improvement in staff commitment when offering learning and development opportunities and development (or lack of) is consistently featured within the top reasons for staying within or choosing to move to a new position.

Investment in professional development not only enriches the skills of your people but it also plays a vital role in boosting job satisfaction, consequently decreasing the likelihood of staff turnover.

Our work actively engages with staff across all levels, addressing the unique and varied needs of our diverse healthcare workforce.

If retention is high on the agenda within your organisation Just R can help! Reach out below to discuss ideas on how we can support ⬇️