Just R Book Club: A Spotlight on Common Sense and Empathy

Following on from previous book club sessions on ‘Good to Great’ and ‘Rebel Ideas’ the third Just R book club centred around ‘The Ministry of Common Sense’ by Martin Lindstrom, a great book focused on answering questions like:
  • How did we get so many pointless rules at work?
  • What has happened to common sense?
  • Where did it go and how did we get it back?

This book was chosen to highlight all the things that can go wrong within organisations, with a view to being mindful for it not to happen within our own and have empathy with our clients when challenges occur. What quickly became apparent within the session was the key theme of empathy and how a reduction in empathy directly correlates with increased levels of red tape and bureaucracy!

Here is some of the feedback from the team on The Ministry of Common Sense and Book Club:

My key takeaway would be that all the best businesses started out with empathy, and so did Just R. I also learned that you need to put yourself into the situations of your patients/customers in order to understand their experiences. I really enjoyed the book club, it was really nice to just get to have a discussion and see so many ideas bouncing off everyone. Really excited for the next one!

– Rosie

Consciously we all do things in a way we ‘think’ we’re supposed to. This book highlights multiple examples where common sense, and empathy fall by the wayside, exposing a light on the way corporate culture has become entrenched in red tape and process with little understanding of the end user experience. The session was really fascinating to unpick how each of us have come across different situations where we recognise this, and how we could do it differently, and better! I really enjoy our book club sessions as they present the opportunity to venture outside of my normal books of choice, but with purpose!

– Lucy

I think the key takeaway for me is finding ways we can help cut the red tape which restricts the NHS. What I like about book club as a whole is the reminder about theories and concepts – the two books I’ve been here for haven’t presented new concepts to me, but have reminded me of their existence as we do become blinded by the day-to-day stuff and it’s helpful to open up a new perspective & see how we can work differently to affect change.

– Isobel

The Just R book club began several months ago to help foster continuous learning and enable every member of the team to get involved in collaborative learning. Curiosity and a desire to learn are key values of Just R and we choose titles for each session planned to align to our role model values.

We absolutely recommend starting a team book club, it is such a positive way of developing a team culture and building a trusting open environment especially within new or growing teams. If you would like hints and tips to start your own please get in touch we would be happy to share some ideas!