Ben 01


Video Lead

Interviewed by
Isobel Akien, Business Process Excellence Manager


I am the Head of our Video and Photography Team here at Just R, responsible for bringing campaigns to life with exciting video and photography.

I have been obsessed with film and video since I was a teenager but have been doing my job professionally for about 8 years after a brief detour at the start of my career as a sparky. I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects and love being able create lots of different video content for different platforms; from social media, to documentaries, to adverts. I’ve had a really varied career so far and like to keep things exciting and fresh but always sticking to my passion for storytelling and visual narratives. I was also the winner of the Royal Television Society Award for my short documentary film “Leith”.

I’m at Just R because I really like the goal and the mission we have, to help improve recruitment and retention of staff for the NHS. You can be really creative and exciting with the campaigns we get to work on and I saw lots of scope for video and bringing to life stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, to help excite and inspire potential candidates for our NHS clients. My position at Just R has really highlighted to me the power of video marketing. There isn’t just an end goal of sales or selling a product here, our work has meaning and purpose, and hopefully inspires others into fruitful and lasting careers.

Writer 04

Who is your favourite writer?

Raymond Chandler (my favourite book of his is The Big Sleep)

Film 05

What is your favourite film?

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Band 06

Who is your favourite band?

Manic Street Preachers (close second: Rush)

Piece Art 10

Have you got a favourite piece of art?

The Temptation of Sir Percival, Arthur Hacker

Dont Do Anything 17

What do you do when you don’t have to do anything?

I read, watch films, listen to music, play the guitar & just enjoy soaking up things that I find interesting

Restaurant 12

Have you got a favourite restaurant?

Rogano in Glasgow