Gemma Johnston


Digital Advertising Executive

As a Digital Advertising Executive at Just R, I am responsible for the delivery of our NHS clients’ social media campaigns, ensuring their presence on these platforms is consistent and professional. This involves daily monitoring of comments, direct messages and ensuring all campaigns are functioning optimally.

My prior experience in customer service and media production helps my performance in my current role.

I have always sought a career that would challenge me and provide growth opportunities both personally and professionally. Just R, who I became aware of through a former lecturer at the University of Cumbria, where I earned a First Class Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television, was the ideal next step in pursuing a fulfilling career.

I joined the team as a Graduate Candidate Consultant and have since advanced to my current role as Digital Advertising Executive. I find the role both challenging and enjoyable, and am motivated by the supportive atmosphere and career-driven colleagues at Just R.

In my spare time, I can be found engaging in weightlifting at the gym, exploring the Lake District through hiking, pursuing artists endeavours such as illustrating and painting, delving into my new found love for crocheting, or spending quality time with friends and family over a coffee.