Business Process Excellence Manager

Interviewed by
Ben Howard, Video Lead

Ben 01

Here at Just R, I am the Business Process Excellence Manager. I look after the systems and processes at Just R, making sure everything runs efficiently and the team is supported to excel in doing what needs to be done.

I started working for the NHS in admin & clerical in Belfast following completion of my Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Ulster. Having moved to Southampton to complete my Masters, I worked in Financial Services for a couple of years before making the move to Carlisle and joining the team at Victim Support, first as an admin then as a Domestic Abuse support worker. Needing a career change due to the Pandemic, I joined Just R as a Candidate Consultant, before moving in to Project management and then my current role. My role has been developed and grown alongside the business and I have fulfilled roles from entry level, through to managerial and senior managerial.

I love that I have the ability to shape my own role for the betterment of the business, and ultimately our NHS clients. You are empowered to be innovative, and always encouraged to share new thoughts and ideas!

P.S. I have a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology, I promise I’m not profiling you!

Dinner Party 02

Who would you invite to a dinner party?

Billy Connolly, Tommy Tiernan, King Charles, David Attenborough

Local Place 03

Favourite local place to visit?

Miltonrigg Woods

Restaurant 12

Have you got a favourite restaurant?

Georges in Southampton

Food 11

What is your favourite food?

Tayto, Cheese & Onion

Sunday Morning 16

Describe your perfect Sunday morning?

It’s raining outside, you know you don’t have to go anywhere. So you can chill out, enjoy a coffee in bed and curl up with a book by the fire.

When Grow Up 15

What do you want to be when you grow up?