Leah Tickner


Senior Creative

Interviewed by
Amy Cockton, Project Manager

Amy Cockton

I am the Senior Creative here at Just R! With a background in advertising and an eye for branding, I can take a design brief and create campaigns that will WOW – I have been office-nicknamed the ‘queen of concepts’!

From identities to engaging short animations, I have also been known to come up with a pretty mean strap line or two. So, you can be confident that your brand is in safe hands here.

My path was shaped before I even knew it, through a childhood of creative teachers. Instead of singing traditional school hymns, I would be belting out The Beatles; and whilst others were reading To Kill a Mocking Bird, I dissected the plots of Pixar instead!

Being asked to teach bubble lettering to my fellow classmates age 9, and winning a Christmas Card competition age 12; it was clear a career in Graphic Design was for me from an early age. Seeing my designs printed and distributed across the North West of England was a buzz I love chasing, seeing my creations out in the wild…. some people jump out of planes… same vibes!

Bypassing A-Levels and going straight into a National Diploma course in Graphic Design, I then stayed at the same institution to earn my BA (Hons) in Design & Visual Arts, graduating in 2009.

Striving for continuous improvement and development, I have grown as a person since my college days, however, my iPod is still stuck in the 2004 indie era. Being a Manchester girl, music is a major passion, and you’ll usually find me at the barrier in The Brickyard.

With a wealth of design knowledge and 11 years industry experience, by far my hardest job began in 2019, when I became a mum to my little boy Blake. “You don’t get any training or handbook for that!” Hard work, but definitely high reward!

My calm but confident personality makes working with me a breeze (I hope!) for both clients and other team members, with my fellow team describing me as a real asset to both the design team and Just R.

Party Trick 19

Do you have a hidden talent?

It’s so well hidden that I haven’t found it yet!

Sport 18

Do you have a favourite sport?

I tried-out for roller derby, but being too scared of falling over was a hindrance…

Band 06

Who is your favourite band?

We Are Scientists

Food 11

What is your favourite food?

Chinese. End of.

Sunday Morning 16

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

Start with a lie-in, then a bit of cross stitch; PJs ALL DAY

Local Place 03

Favourite local place to visit?

Keswick; I got engaged there, it has everything; lake, mountains, shops, food and it’s right on our doorstep!