Brand Marketing Lead, Rosie Mossop


Brand Marketing Lead

As Just R’s Brand Marketing Lead, I’m responsible for communicating who we are and what we do, both internally and externally. I know the ins and outs of Just R – the past, the present and the future of our brand and marketing! Starting at Just R as a Graphic Designer before being promoted to a Lead, my role primarily involves being creative in whatever form that may take (designing assets, newsletters, websites, internal documents) but I can also be found writing case studies and blogs, carrying out market research and digging into stats and data! Essentially, my job is to promote and celebrate the outstanding expertise and knowledge the Just R team have, and the incredible things we achieve.

After finishing my degree at Leeds Arts Uni in 2021, I joined the Just R team a week after my graduation. Being from Carlisle and always feeling concerned by the lack of creative opportunities in the area, I am so honoured that my role involves encouraging and accepting young creatives and showing them that it is possible to get a creative job here in the most Northern corner of England.

Working at Just R has allowed me the opportunity to undertake world-class training such as Universum’s Employer Brand Academy and Mark Ritson’s Mini Marketing MBA, allowing me to grow further in my role, with only more training to come.

Having always appreciated the power of what good design can do, and with book-favourites such as Ruben Pater’s “The Politics of Design” and Lucienne Roberts’ “Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?”, I have taken away so many learnings of how creativity can positively impact NHS and healthcare recruitment, something we are incredibly skilled in achieving for our partners in the NHS, while also fulfilling my life-long manifesto of “creating things that make life seem a little better”.

When I’m not staring at my laptop screen, I’ll either be at yoga, reading my latest thriller book or rewatching the stage recording of Hamilton for the 100th time…