Talia Michaels


Graphic Designer

Interviewed by
Gemma Johnston, Digital Advertising Executive

Gemma Johnston

I’m a Graphic Designer here at Just R, who works alongside an incredible creative team in designing a variety of campaigns for clients up and down the country, aiming to improve recruitment and retention of healthcare workers in the NHS.

My journey to becoming a graphic designer wasn’t straightforward, after completing my A-levels I toyed with the idea of attending University to complete a Law Degree. However, design has always had a prominent place in my life, from chalking flags on my Nana’s paving stones to secretly styling my Barbies hair with the kitchen scissors. Therefore, in the end it was never really a shock that I graduated with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design from the University of Cumbria (although my Grandad always thought I was a painter…)

It’s amazing being able to work for Just R, as they give me the opportunity to continue to learn and grow while working with a world class team to produce work that has a positive impact.

Party Trick 19

Do you have a hidden talent?

I can make a candle out of a napkin. I learnt this at a napkin folding class on a cruise ship.

Sport 18

Do you have a favourite sport?

My favourite sport is formula 1 because I like looking at the helmet and livery designs.

Holiday Destination 09

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

My favourite holiday destination is tied between Norway and New York. New York is chaotic, whereas Norway is calming and picturesque.
Band 06

Who is your favourite music artists?

It’s between Sam Fender and Tom Grennan.

Dinner Party 02

Who would you invite to a dinner party?

I would invite Daniel Ricciardo, Robert Irwin, Harrison Ford and my dad.