Just R's Training Day with Rich and Peter Field

As a team, we appreciate training and development - its a value we all share!

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Our team at Just R had the pleasure of meeting with Rich and Peter Field, experts in leadership and development. Heading off to Denton Holme’s Holme Head House, we spent the day learning from Rich and Peter all about team management, how we can inspire one another and the importance of growth and development within a company.

The lead up…

Prior to the day, Rich and Peter met with each member of the team for a quick 1-1 chat, gaining a clear understanding of the dynamic of the team and deciphering how the day ahead would pan out. It was great to sit with Rich and Peter and hear the stories of their past and how they came to be where they are today! They provided great role models to the team and it was inspiring to see everyone come together to get the most out of what they are doing.

And what a day it was!

Just R’s CEO and founder, Rachael, first had the joy of meeting Rich Field at a leadership and development training day in Sheffield, and Rachael thought it would be fantastic if Rich and Peter could expand their expertise across the team, inhibiting growth and development.

Rich and Peter led the team on everything from how to manage a meeting to magic tricks! We all had a great day coming together to learn how to be more confident and coherent in what we are doing, and worked together to make things happen! Thank you Rich and Peter!

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