Two Weeks In at Just R

New starter Martha Pardoe shares her experience of her first two weeks with us in her new role as Client Solutions Executive.

“From sharing ideas in team meetings and getting in touch with potential clients to grabbing a coffee with my colleagues, joining classes at the local yoga studio and sharing cake in the office – it’s been a cracker of a start to my new role at Just R!”

Starting a new job can be scary and overwhelming (it usually is!) However, my first two weeks at Just R have been different. Instead of sitting around feeling a bit confused about what everyone’s names are whilst scared to ask if I should be doing something – it has been a time of learning, making genuine connections and settling into my role.

The way that I have been welcomed into the business has helped me to understand more about what Just R aims to accomplish with the NHS. One of our missions is to enable NHS staff to thrive in the workplace. Therefore, as champions of valuing employees from Day 1, Just R really practice what they preach by setting a great onboarding programme. It includes getting to know each member of the team as well as tasks that make sure you have all the information you need in your new role and the means to finding out more.

There is no end to your learning at Just R – we have an office of incredible people who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and funny stories! There is a specialist in every area of what we offer so there is always something new to absorb and add to your understanding. Each person’s uniqueness and skills are celebrated and used to further their learning. If you are more of an introverted, analytical type or if you thrive from talking things out and using your creativity in art form – Just R could be right for you. What’s important to our team is that we all share our strong motivation and values.

We are doing something really special at Just R and after only a couple of weeks, I can see just how valuable it is to the NHS. We don’t just focus on the now and how many successful projects we create; we are always thinking about the bigger picture – changing the crucial things that just aren’t working in our health system. The NHS deals with roughly 1.5 million patient interactions everyday which is equivalent to every person in England being assessed, treated and cared for by the NHS 10 times a year!* We want the NHS to be the best it can be to support us and our loved ones so being part of something that improves this service feels really rewarding.


My role at Just R is Client Solutions Executive which means I build relationships with trusts and see how we can help them. I also deal with some Sales Administration tasks such as contracts and invoices. This role is right for me because I love talking to people and helping out when I can. I have a lot of variety in my job which is great for me as I can struggle to focus when doing the same thing for long periods of time. Just R have used my personality and values to fit me to a role that I love and progresses my career forward.

From sharing ideas in team meetings, getting in touch with potential clients and being involved in my first project to grabbing a coffee with my colleagues, joining classes at the local yoga studio and sharing cake in the office – it’s been a cracker of a start to my new role at Just R!