What are the benefits of group learning?

With Mental Health Awareness Week this week, we wanted to take the time to reflect on ways workplaces could help instil a culture of positive wellbeing. Our Graphic Designer, Rosie, is here to explain the benefits of group learning.

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At Just R, we are all about doing things as a team that improves our wellbeing (in whatever form that takes!). One way we like to improve our mental wellbeing is through team learning.

Learning is something we start to do from the second we are born – so why is it so important to continue this habit even after we’ve left education? Well, learning is just as important in adults as it is in children! If we continue learning through adulthood, making it a healthy habit, it can have a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

When we say learning, this could be a multitude of different activities. This could include things such as learning a new skill, watching a webinar by someone you admire, improving the skills you already have or putting yourself into new situations and challenging yourself. At Just R, we think that learning can come from anywhere. We learn something from every situation we find ourselves in which is why one of our core values is to be constantly curious!

While learning can be a very personal thing, at Just R we believe in sharing our learning with others around us, making sure to improve the knowledge of others as well as  ourselves.

Gain a different perspective

Some of the benefits of learning together in a group setting are that it creates an open space for discussion, where people feel they can share their input and hear different opinions and perspectives. This broadens our own thinking and allows us to improve our communication skills whilst thinking about what we can learn from the experiences of others.

Teamwork and collaboration is the key to problem solving

Teamwork is vital within high performing teams. Being able to learn in a way that encourages discussion, as group learning does, aids in the solving of problems. Coming together as a team to overcome an issue allows everybody to have their say, feel involved, and reach a conclusion everybody agrees with!

Holly's Skillshare

At Just R, our approach to group learning stems from the idea of sharing and collaborating with our colleagues. Throughout everything we do, we always try to think about how we can help each other out, teach each other new skills, and expand our knowledge.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our skillshares. These sessions see different teams from Just R give a short presentation on their area of expertise, which could be anything from copywriting to motion graphics. Recently, our very own resident Nutritionist Holly gave us all a skillshare about the links between nutrition and wellbeing!

We also carry out bi-monthly book clubs. This involves us all reading or listening to a book related to who we are and what we do in some way, and coming together to discuss it during the session. We undertake weekly study sessions to listen to the book together too, helping each other to ensure we read it! The sessions allow for us to reflect on how we can use the problems and points discussed in each book to improve and overcome problems ourselves, and they always spark some really interesting discussions.

At Just R, we are big on sharing our learning with each other. If you spend all that time on training and just let your notes sit there, what was the point?! Instead, we have a platform to allow people to submit useful bits of research and training they have carried out, in order to share with existing / future employees that might have an interest in the same area. This also helps to instil a culture of mentorship within teams!

Graphic Design Book Club

What could you do to inspire group learning?

  1. Could you start your own book club? Is there a group of you that enjoys reading? Grab a book you think will inspire discussion, and get reading!
  2. Is there a team within your organisation you would like to know more about? Spend a day working within their team to understand what it is that they do, and how their job can affect yours.
  3. Run your own skillshare sessions. Your most valuable assets are your employees, and they know more about your organisation than anyone else!
  4. Think about your organisation’s values. Could you run a session based around these? LinkedIn carried out a similar peer-to-peer workshop recently, with one section of the programme focusing on difficult conversations, and each participant identifying a real-life difficult conversation they have had to have at work. Not only did this open discussion, it also allowed participants to learn from each other and understand how other people may interpret different situations
  5. Use communication tools such as PDF’s, videos, documents and share your findings with others

Employing group learning techniques helps to empower your employees and encourages them to discuss and collaborate with their colleagues. It also improves relationships, as those who work together are more likely to have thoughtful discussions, and in turn become more understanding and appreciative of others. Most importantly, group learning helps employees develop new skills and knowledge!

Written by Rosie, Graphic Designer and constant learner!

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