7 Reasons Why Every NHS Trust Needs an Employer Brand

With 60% of the public choosing a place to work based on their beliefs and values, employer branding has influence over a lot more than you might think.

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Your Employer Brand is the promise you make between you, the employer, and your employees. It communicates your organisation’s core benefits, values and reasons as to why anyone should consider joining you. It cultivates the culture of your Trust and communicates the benefits that make you stand out from your competitors. It can even decrease the overall time and cost per hire by 50%.

60% of leading global employers say differentiating their employer brands from competitors will be a key objective in 2023, and the NHS should be no exception. Developing your individual employer value proposition (staff benefits, unique selling points etc) is more important now than ever, with competitors directly targeting NHS employees.

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What is the biggest impact of a strong employer brand? Easy. You encourage values aligned, top talent to join your teams, building a thriving, permanent team that is more likely to stay.

When you amalgamate and visualise an employer brand, you arm a prospective candidate with a reason why they should choose you.

Communicating an attractive and realistic value proposition, you facilitate better recruitment, attract top talent and pave the way for a values-aligned workforce.

7 Reasons Why Every NHS Trust Needs an Employer Brand

1.  Communicate your core benefits and stand out from competitors (temporary agencies, overseas recruiters, Aldi, Amazon…)

2. Increase staff loyalty, engagement and sense of belonging

3. Sharpen your identity and attune your values

4. New hires are 40% less likely to leave after the first 6 months

5. Become a recognised as a trusted brand and employer – position yourself as the employer of choice

Research shows a strong employer brand can…

6. Reduce the cost to hire by 50%

7. Reduce turnover by 28%

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