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The Problem

By 2030 there will be a shortage of 250,000 healthcare workers within the UK and we are not alone. This is a worldwide challenge, and action must be taken now to reduce the risk to health outcomes and the burden on those working within health.

Our Solution

Just R are an expert team built to meet the Marketing, Brand and Communications needs of the NHS, with our sole purpose being to support Trusts with their recruitment and workforce requirements.

Our services range from the development of employer value propositions and recruitment branding to digital advertising, video, photography and bespoke, functional websites. We’ve even built an in-house candidate liaison team to support candidate conversion!

Exceptional skills aren’t enough – our values aligned team truly love what we do and why we do it.

You can trust Just R to deliver projects as if we are members of your extended team. You will be accessing a dedicated, expert team with in-depth experience of and love for the NHS. We are committed to successful collaborations with our NHS colleagues, driving continuous improvement with a mission to make the NHS a better place to work!

Our Services

Margaret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

What we do

The Power of Brand, Marketing and Communications

A strong employer value proposition along with carefully executed marketing strategies have the power to transform not only an Organisation’s future recruitment outlook, but also that of the NHS.

A strong employer brand provides Organisations with the tools and resources needed to attract the very best talent and strengthen their talent pipeline. It also has the potential to enhance an individual’s loyalty to their employers, influence career choices and career changes and even influence leadership and management styles. Our goal is to attract the very best people into NHS careers and work with Organisations to help ensure they stay.


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Our Three Pillars

Attraction + Onboarding = Retention

The journey an employee takes on their way into an Organisation largely affects retention – the application is just the start. At Just R we support our NHS colleagues to define, refine and continuously improve the onboarding experience for those joining the Organisations.

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Attracting the right people whose values align with the Organisation

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Creating exceptional onboarding experiences to support candidates



Helping you to retain the very best people and improve working environments

Our Vision

We strive to enable the NHS to create working environments in which people can thrive, working together to inspire others to choose healthcare careers both now and in the future. We aim to create an abundance of healthcare workers, in order to meet the ever increasing demands of our growing and ageing population.


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Just R’s mission is to educate the NHS on the power of Marketing, Brand and Communications through the delivery of tried and tested solutions used by the world’s biggest and most successful companies, enabling them to reach and attract the best people to join their Organisations.

We are dedicated to helping Healthcare Organisations to build their employer value propositions, execute powerful recruitment marketing strategies and build talent pipelines of passive candidates to their Organisations, transforming the recruitment outlook of the NHS.


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We work together with Trusts to attract, retain and develop good people who will provide vital care across great roles

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Using social media to engage and attract active and passive candidates for NELFT


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Recruiting to qualified and newly qualified Physiotherapist vacancies in the lovely county of Derbyshire!


Creating a multifaceted identity to recruit a wide net of applicants

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Successsful recruitment website launch for North East London NHS Trust


Attracting qualified Occupational Therapists for hard to fill vacancies


Building an eye-catching brand to recruit to a unique role


Tameside & Glossop recruit 46 nurses in just 3 weeks!


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