How NELFT Hired 57 Candidates for Mental Health Roles

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Just R began its long-standing partnership with NELFT in 2021.

Over the years, Just R have helped NELFT to design and establish an employer brand, and dedicated recruitment website and delivered multiple digital attraction campaigns to attract values-aligned candidates to the organisation.

As a result of the most recent collaborative project NELFT has successfully hired 57 candidates across a wide variety of roles, including Mental Health Nurses, Community Nurses, Mental Health Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Support Workers, Administrative personnel, and more!

With a further 16 candidates under offer at the time of writing…


Cherrise Chand, Head of Resourcing, North East London Foundation Trust

I’m really pleased with the results and also feel that this is down to the effective partnership working between my team and Just R. Along with the excellent creativity, design and marketing skills of Just R!


NELFT Nurse & AHP4

The social media campaign and dedicated recruitment website reached an audience of over 1.3 million and successfully generated 2,838 relevant enquiries of interest. This has enabled NELFT to build a recruitment pipeline of 267 registered Nurses.

This reflects heightened brand awareness and serves as a clear testament to the campaign’s success in attracting top-tier talent.

Our work for NELFT revolves around a brand-focused campaign strategy, aimed at increasing awareness of NELFT as a top regional employer and attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences to current and future vacancies within the Trust.

This approach enables NELFT to cultivate recruitment pipelines across the organisation, leveraging Just R’s candidate management solution to guide candidates through the process until appointment efficiently.

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