Communicate your organisation’s core values in order to attract and retain values-aligned top talent for a thriving workforce

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Why us?

Experts in design and marketing with a passion for driving positive change to the way the NHS recruits.

We’re a team of highly skilled individuals, developing employer brands that improve the way the NHS communicates and presents itself to prospective and existing employees, in turn, attracting and retaining values-aligned top-talent.

We are transforming the recruitment outlook of the NHS, by:

  • building employer brands and developing strong employer value propositions
  • executing high impact recruitment marketing strategies
  • building bespoke talent pipelines of passive candidates
  • creating dedicated careers websites

Why Do You Need an
Employer Brand?

Your employer brand communicates your core benefits, differentiating you from competitors and attracts, retains and engages individuals.

A strong Employer Brand:

  • facilitates better recruitment – attracting top talent that is values-aligned
  • sharpens your identity and your values
  • influences career choices and changes – gives potential candidates a reason to choose your organisation
  • enhances an individual’s loyalty to their employer
  • influences culture, leadership and management style
  • makes you stand out against competitors

Just R’s mission is to educate the NHS on the power of Marketing, Brand and Communications through the delivery of tried and tested solutions used by the world’s biggest and best companies, enabling them to reach and attract the best people to join their organisation. Over the past 6 years Just R have supported and partnered with over 60 healthcare organisations to deliver 100’s of successful digital marketing campaigns.

We will work closely alongside your organisation to help you identify and develop a strategy built on transparency, accountability and inclusion. We will do a deep dive into your values, culture and team to gain an insight into exactly who you are and why great people would want to work for you.

By doing this, we ensure that top talent know just how great you are, and as part of a strategic partnership, we can help you to drive results which will allow us to achieve better together.

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