The true cost of losing an NHS employee

EXIT INTERVIEWS The average cost of losing an employee is staggering – up to 150-200%. This is a combination of time spent and the costs relating to processes such as attraction, compensation, productivity loss and training. It’s a key area for improvement for many of the NHS Trusts we are working with. Find out more […]

Retaining your skilled NHS workforce

EMPLOYEE SURVEYS The NHS need to retain at least 19,000 employees (by 2024/25) whilst simultaneously growing their workforce. It’s a huge task, and we’d recommend that Trusts have a clear plan of how they’ll retain top talent.  Find out more ›

We provide insights into your NHS onboarding process for new staff

ONBOARDING SURVEYS There will be an estimated 250,000 too few people in the NHS by 2030. We work hard to ensure you retain as many new staff as possible. Find out more ›

Developing your careers website

CAREERS WEBSITES 76% of job seekers prefer to apply through a careers website. These are websites filled with content communicating your Trust’s culture and values. In practice, we see them generate a constant flow of strong candidates to your organisation and they also support the onboarding process for candidates. Find out more ›

We make the NHS application process smoother

RECRUITMENT PIPELINE MANAGEMENT Getting candidates interested in your NHS Trust is just the first stage. We know that they expect a tailored experience with a smooth and easy process from their first contact, through to onboarding. Find out more ›

We reach a new audience through social media

SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING If you’re planning on a traditional method of finding a candidate – perhaps through standard job boards and agencies – you’ll be reaching out to a small group of people. Around the 30% mark who are actively looking for a job. Find out more ›

Developing an Employer Brand

EMPLOYER BRANDING A strong employer brand which includes your core values, will not only help to attract high quality talent, but will also help to increase the likelihood of potential future employees. Those that are a great fit for you increase engagement, productivity and staff morale. They deliver excellent patient care. Find out more ›

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