How Warrington and Tameside Filled Maternity Vacancies Fast

£35 million was allocated to “improving maternity services” in the Spring budget last week. Key to underpinning this objective must be to ensure staffing levels are optimal and vacancies are filled with the best values-aligned candidates who will thrive within your organisation. But how?

Here at Just R, we have worked on numerous Maternity Recruitment Campaigns with NHS Trusts including Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Trust and Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust as well as national campaigns like CapitalMidwife, enabling these organisations to attract and retain talented midwives.

The Headlines and Results:

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Trust offered positions to 11 midwives and 6 student midwives in just 3 months, enabling them to staff their department fully!

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Tameside and Glossop offering positions to 18 Midwives following a 1-month attraction campaign

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We have also been involved in complex projects for Trusts such as Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, helping them define an employer value proposition to attract candidates in the most challenging circumstances.

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Our Recommendations:

  • Understand your Employer Value Proposition – why do Midwives join and stay at your organisation?


  • Increase your reach – Ensure you reach and capture the attention of as many prospective candidates as possible through well-timed, strategic advertising campaigns


  • Define a strong call to action – In our experience, nothing converts candidates into appointments like a well-planned recruitment event, which provides a deadline and an opportunity for them to get a real feel for your organisation.


  • Ensure candidates offered receive strong follow-up communication – nothing will lose you an appointment like not communicating with them! Follow up with a welcome from senior members of your Trust, and make them feel wanted and appreciated before day 1
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