Overcoming Challenges to Increase Trac Applications by 50%

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Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) came to us towards the beginning of 2022, amidst a backdrop of public adversity and a vacancy of over 100 FTE midwives.

Understanding the sensitivity surrounding NUH Maternity Services due to ongoing national PR, the challenge was to develop a bespoke Employer Brand which would give NUH Maternity Services the opportunity to celebrate their services and staff, gain more control over their narrative, and attract values-aligned candidates to join their teams.

The team were looking to recruit not only to midwifery posts, but to maternity care assistant, support worker and administration roles too.


  • Adverse national PR ongoing
  • Public perception of Trust and team culture
  • Large team vacancy in a hard to recruit to role


Just R’s Solution

  • Develop a bespoke Employer Brand communicating all the benefits of working with the NUH maternity services team
  • High impact digital marketing campaign targeting a nationwide audience
  • Build of a bespoke careers microsite directly showcasing careers within the maternity services and pathways for career development



  • 5.86 million people reached
  • Offers made to minimum 20 professionals including:
    • 4 Qualified Midwives 
    • 7 Student Midwives 
    • 9 MCA/MSW
  • 50% increase in direct Trac applications since launch of campaign and microsite
  • Increase in staff engagement and boost in morale within existing teams
  • Increase from 1.3 average hires per month, to 15 per month


The challenging campaign adhered strong results, with an upwards trend in interest both through the campaign itself and a very clear uptake in direct trac applications since the launch of the project. The midwifery team saw a spike reaching 50% above the previous years average at time of launch of the dedicated maternity services recruitment microsite.

The Trust itself made 15 hires in the month February to March 2023, compared to the average 1.3 in the 3 months prior to microsite launch.

In summary, it was and is clear to us that NUH have a huge challenge ahead in attracting to their midwifery team compared to similar Trusts results. However, the continuation of Employer Brand development and ongoing advertisements promoting the team as an employer of choice are recommended by Just R.

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