Revolutionising Nurse Recruitment for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust faced a critical challenge in recruiting specialist Nurses for various wards within the brain directorate. Recognising the need for innovative solutions, they partnered with Just R to launch a dynamic digital attraction campaign.

Our Solution:

To help GOSH achieve their goal of recruiting the specialist nurses they need, the strategy we developed was a high-impact digital advertising campaign, delivered over a 6 month period to reach, engage and attract the nurses they need.

Collaborating closely with the GOSH brain team we developed a highly identifiable campaign identity which is both recognisable as GOSH but also clearly attached to the brain team. This identity is used along with images and videos of the Gosh brain team to bring the campaign to life across social media.

A key element of all Just R campaigns is the conversion process, workers today are no longer prepared to complete onerous application forms; it is therefore essential to make the process simple and quick. We therefore direct to online landing pages where they can swiftly express their interest. Then leverage Just R’s client engagement service, we promptly reach out to these candidates, encouraging them to take the next step and apply.


Alison Taberner-Stokes, Head of Nursing, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

I would recommend the team at Just-R in a heartbeat. Without a shadow of a doubt their approach, expertise and knowledge about recruitment has been truly amazing. They are a dynamic, resourceful and very responsive team. They listen to the needs of their clients and respond accordingly. Hopefully with their help, we will turn adverts and videos, into interest and nurses wanting to engage and start exploring their careers with us. Their videos and digital strategy has been pivotal in demonstrating what a truly inspirational and amazing place it is to work at GOSH. The team are personable and expert at knowing their product, turning fruition into engagement.


GOSH Focus 1 17

Our Results:

While the campaign is ongoing, the initial response has been highly encouraging. In just the first month, GOSH attracted a diverse pool of talent, including:

  • 14 Qualified Nurses
  • 3 Student Nurses

Through strategic collaboration and innovative digital tactics, Great Ormond Street Hospital is on its way to fulfilling its staffing needs within the brain directorate, ensuring continued excellence in patient care.

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