43 Nurses Hired, £428,000 Saved, 386% ROI for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

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Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (SNHSFT) faced a critical challenge in recruiting and retaining nurses, prompting them to seek a cost-effective solution to address staffing shortages. As long-term partners, we have supported Stockport over the last 5 years, developing their employer brand and assisting in driving values aligned candidates to their recruitment events.

In collaboration with the Trust, we executed a high-impact digital marketing campaign, directing potential candidates to recruitment events every 12 weeks.

The project resulted in the successful hiring of 43 nurses, leading to significant savings of £428,000 compared to alternative, temporary recruitment methods.

This translates to an impressive 386% return on investment, not even considering the savings made on the hire of 75 HCSW.

Our additional contributions, which includes developing their careers-focused website and employer brand, becomes added value once the contract cost is met.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust’s strategic recruitment campaign highlights the importance of prioritising cost-effective, sustainable strategies when hiring skilled healthcare professionals.

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Just R’s Solution


  • Offers made:
    • 43 nurses
    • 75 HCSW
  • £428,000 saved vs alternative, temporary alternatives
  • 386% ROI

Ian Henry, Employee Resourcing Manager, SNHSFT

"Our collaboration with Just R means that the heavy lifting of attraction is taken care of. They have built our employer brand and helped to promote our events throughout the duration of our long-term partnership, inviting screened candidates to come along to interviews. This process means that we are able to easily interview on the day and appoint to vacant positions across the Trust every three months."

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