27 Hard-to-Recruit Mental Health Vacancies Filled for NELFT

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North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) have made offers to 27 candidates through our collaboration on digital first strategies.

Attracting to hard to recruit roles across a wide span of localities, our work with NELFT has delivered a conversion of 27 candidates so far.

The total offers mean the Trust has already met its return on investment, and in fact exceeded it by 331% when compared to alternative, temporary recruitment methods.

Savings made exceed £180,000, with website development, ongoing maintenance, digital delivery and candidate engagement becoming collateral added value.

We’re excited to see where this strong, long-term partnership will take the Trust.

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Results So Far:

Offers Made To:

    • Qualified and Student General Nurses
    • Qualified and Student Mental Health Nurses
    • Qualified and Student Occupational Therapists
    • Qualified and Student Speech and Language Therapists
    • Student Physiotherapists
    • Qualified, Student and Assistant Psychologists
    • HCSW



    • £180,000 vs alternative temporary methods
    • 331% ROI

This is an impressive result at a time when many Trusts are struggling to meet the increasing demand for mental health services, which is especially relevant as the UK’s mental health epidemic is set to be fuelled further by the cost of living crisis. In order to attract such an array of candidates, Just R chose to put mental health, inclusivity and diversity at the forefront when designing NELFT’s employer brand, the result being a vibrant careers website, and social advertising pages filled with creative assets which showcase NELFT’s diverse team and the variety opportunities within the Trust.


Cherrise Chand, Head of Resourcing, NELFT

We refer to Just R as our partners – it’s a really successful, collaborative partnership. I’d recommended Just R to other Trusts who are looking for help in recruiting to hard-to-fill vacancies. Just R support us by improving the way we are positioned to candidates and help us to get our brand out there.


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