Why Us?

At Just R, we can help your Organisation reach people through fantastic videography and photography! We’re on a mission to bring the passion and stories of NHS workers to life and use them to inspire future generations of healthcare workers. By capturing it on video or in a single photograph, our work aims to speak to the hearts and minds of those considering a role in healthcare and make them shout: “that is what I want to do!”.

The power of video

Candidate application rates increase by


when the job post includes a video

Viewers retain


  of a message when they watch it in a video compared to reading a text

According to a research article by CareerBuilder             

                        Statisitic taken from WordStream

Why It's Important

Recruitment agencies have reported an 800% increase in engagement with job ads that have a video embedded. But what makes a video stand out and capture your imagination? What is it that allows a video to transcend simply being another box of colourful pixels flashing before your eyes and gets a viewer to take action? The answer is simple: good old fashioned storytelling.

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At Just R we are passionate about storytelling and bringing the tale of your Organisation to life through exciting and engaging content. Content that is crafted to capture a viewer’s imagination and inspire them. In a world where you can consume over 5 hours of content a day without even realising, we aim to create the videos you and your potential candidates will remember.

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The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web.

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We work together with Trusts to attract, retain and develop good people who will provide vital care across great roles

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Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Hire 101 Nurses & HCSWs Over Two Recruitment Event Days.

Stockport Campaign   Nurses And HCA   7

94 Nurses & HCSWs Appointed at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust’s Recruitment Event!

shortage of doctors in the uk

Just R Recruit Medics to Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Amidst a Shortage of Doctors in the UK

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Bradford Teaching Hospital’s Event Leads to 80 Appointments Made Across Two Days!

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A Recruitment Strategy Tailored to the Hampshire CAMHS Team

NELFT passive recruitment campaign

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Active and Passive Candidates for NELFT


Tameside and Glossop's Successful Maternity Event

DCHS Physiotherapy   28   FB   Style 2

Recruiting to Qualified and Newly Qualified Physiotherapist Vacancies in the Lovely County of Derbyshire!


Creating a Multifaceted Identity to Recruit a Wide Net of Applicants


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