18 Midwives Hired at Tameside and Glossop Recruitment Event

midwife recruitment

Following the success of our last recruitment event with Tameside recruiting 46 nurses to the Trust, the team decided to organise another event in the hope that midwives ‘pick their path’ within Tameside’s close-knit team.

The Challenge

  • 10 midwife vacancies
  • 3 weeks to drive people to an in person event
  • Recruitment of midwives proving difficult
  • Morale within maternity team dipping
  • Seeking alternative ways to reach a wider audience

Our Solution

  • High impact digital campaign across social media
  • Develop a specific midwifery campaign identity focusing on inclusivity and diversity
  • Encourage passive candidates to ‘pick their path’ within a range of areas
  • Invite potential candidates to ‘meet our midwives’, posting videos and quotes from the midwifery team.
  • Involve current maternity staff in development of campaign to drive retention as well as attracting new people to join the team.

The Results

→ 3 weeks

→  77 enquiries

→ 15 Qualified Midwives 

→ 31 Student Midwives.

→ 27 candidates attended the event

→ 18 jobs offered on the day

Watch our video showcasing the TGIC maternity team here →


Georgina Harrow

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