Georgina Harrow


Client Engagement Lead

As a Client Engagement Lead at Just R, I am responsible for establishing relationships with NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations, making them aware of our work and how our passion and expertise can deliver positive change and solutions to the current workforce crisis.

Having trained as a midwife for 3 years, I saw first-hand the struggles the NHS are facing. Through my experience from within the healthcare system, I felt a desire to drive change within the NHS, and to find a way to support and transform the growth of permanent, thriving teams that I knew it needed so desperately.

Despite graduating with a First Class Honours and being awarded ‘Midwife of the Year’, I felt I couldn’t drive effective change from within. This lead me to joining Just R as a way of staying connected to helping the healthcare industry and bringing my experience and expertise along with me.

Within my role at Just R, I am dedicated to meeting business objectives and am motivated to bring change to the NHS workforce. My position here is perfectly placed in understanding how Just R can support the NHS for the better.

I was brought up in Australia, and moved to Carlisle 9 years ago after wanting a change. One interesting thing about me is that I have been to 11 different schools and lived in 3 different countries! In my downtime you will either find me with friends and family, going out for food, shopping or at the gym.